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Nancy JohansenUSA

City: North Attleboro
Country: USA
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Phone: 508-577-4552
E-mail: nancyzavináč
Address: MA, North Attleboro, 2760
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About my Psychic Reading

I am a life-long psychic intuitive, Angel Therapist®, Professional health and life coach and Registered Nurse in a busy emergency room. I will connect quickly with your Angels, spirit guides, and deceased loved ones to answer questions and deliver the clarity and insight you need. Studied in The Destiny System, Tarot, Astrology, and Numerology I will provide detailed forecasts and predictions and I am available for counseling, coaching and mentorship. Psychic intuitive counseling and working with the Angels is my greatest passion and teaching is one of my great loves! Angeltouche readings include a full Angel Reading, a Destiny Reading and a 40-50 page written report for you to take home with you. Whatever your personal needs may be, we will spend 60 minutes together connecting with your own angels, guides, and deceased loved ones for guidance on all aspects of your life. I am very happy to offer guidance concerning relationships, health issues, career decisions, emotional and spiritual issues, and all of life's simple and most difficult challenges. No element of your life is too small, too insignificant, or too large. Spirit loves you and assists us with every aspect of our lives in order to allow us to follow our soul's true life path and purpose with peace for the journey.It is my passion to empower, uplift and teach you to step into your highest and best self to manifest your dreams and create the changes you would like to see in your life now. We will also look your Cards of Destiny, your personality, life path and see what cycles and lessons you are currently working on. I am available for the following services...