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Rev. Janet DayUSA

City: Colorado Springs
Country: USA
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Phone: 1-719-339-6860
E-mail: janetzavináč
Address: 3472 Research Pkwy, Suite 104-322, Colorado Springs, 80920-1066
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About my Psychic Reading

Janet Day obtained her bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Science through the University of Sedona and is an ordained minister with International Metaphysical Ministry. A natural-born clairvoyant, medium, and spiritual counselor, Janet has studied the metaphysical world since childhood when she accurately predicted a plane crash to some very stunned parents. Janet is also a member of the American Association of Psychics and her psychic gifts have been tested and verified numerous times throughout her career by a variety of organizations.


In 2006, Janet began organizing a local metaphysical group called The Universal Metaphysics Meetup Group (UMMG), which has now grown to over 1,000 members from around the globe. The UMMG is about our soul’s journey as it encounters our life experiences; about spiritual living, enlightenment, and following our bliss. Our focus on spirituality complements our members’ chosen religions, joining us more closely with our God-force energy and one another in divine love. With an extensive background in technical writing and training, Janet offers classes and workshops through the UMMG on a variety of metaphysical topics, including psychic development, universal laws, and spiritual living.


In addition to teaching and mentoring in the metaphysical world, Janet also offers psychic readings and spiritual counseling. After having lost many loved ones in her life, she has devoted herself to healing others’ grief. During her sessions, she channels information from her angels and guides and brings loving messages and guidance from the angelic realm, and from loved ones on the other side.


Janet is available for private readings, spiritual counseling, instruction, and mentoring by appointment. Please contact her directly to receive your compassionate and confidential reading for help with career and finances, love and relationships, physical and emotional blocks and to connect with passed loved ones.