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Rev. Sharon Shaw-MhDUSA

City: Sunny Isles
Country: USA
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Phone: 754-444-0430
E-mail: Sharonshawzavináč
Address: 19390 Collins Ave., Sunny Isles, 33160
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About my Psychic Reading

Born a sensitive visionary, I Am here to help individuals expand to a new level of awareness by liberating you from restriction, restraint, inhibitions of fear and limited perspectives, which will help you to expand into a new level of awareness. In an effort to share my gifts and help others in their journey, the birth of MERGING SPIRIT became a reality.


Merging Spirit teaches and offers a variety of classes, workshops and relationship building tools and various healing tools, which are based on Universal Laws and Spiritual Principals. Our offerings are designed to facilitate and support Personal Development and Spiritual Evolution.


A reading is the first step into your journey of transformation that will allow you to realize your highest and truest potential. I will review ten different aspects of your life based on past, present and future using my ability to connect. AMAIZINGLY ACCURATE!!! 



Tune in every Tuesday @ 10am EST on for Inner Lately. Start the day with positive intention and intuition! Call 561-623-9421 or Skype: w4wnradioshowguest or login during the show to speak LIVE RevSharon Shaw-Mh D and Beth Lynch.