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Lynne TaylorUnited Kingdom

City: Birmingham
Country: United Kingdom
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Phone: (+44) 121 477 3077
E-mail: lyntaylor54zavináč
Address: Foel Grove, Birmingham, B31 1JD
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About my Psychic Reading

Tested & Certified Psychic, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Clairsentient (senses, feels), Claircognizant (knowing), Therapist and Healer

What you will get from your reading is honesty and straight talking. Lynne starts by asking for your name and birthday. She connects to your vocal vibrations, so please ask questions and interact as your reading progresses. Lynne accesses her higher intuition coupled with the following tools: Tarot, oracle cards, pendulum, crystals, and colors. Her guides give her impressions as she picks up on emotions. She will sometimes receive an image in her mind’s eye or hear music through her mind’s ear. Lynne says, “The best approach to a reading is to be honest and open to the process. I hope to give clarity, understanding, and show options to help you focus on what is important for your happiness.”

Reading professionally for many years, Lynne first discovered Spirit when they would visit her as a small child. She later developed her psychic skill set by joining metaphysical development circles where she learned how to fine-tune her abilities for the maximum benefit of others. Lynne loves to share her passion for personal and spiritual development!

Lynne’s philosophy

"Our journey through this life brings us many ups and downs to negotiate and during those down times you can feel confused and alone to say the least; not being able to see clearly which direction to move in or how to cope with your situation.  My own journey has had many of those ‘down’ experiences and I too sought guidance from psychics to navigate through those difficult and sometimes traumatic times.

I do not do predictions but look at possible outcomes depending on the choices available to you at the time of your reading. You have free will to determine the course you take and therefore create your own future.

Whether your question is concerning love and relationships, work and career, travel, house moves etc you will always get honesty from me. I say what I see and feel."

Experience / Background

Lynne has worked on TV in the UK; in private practice sshe has clients around the world reading via phone, Skype and email and travel the country reading at MBS and psychic fairs which she thoroughly enjoys and also has an active interest in paranormal investigations/ghost hunts exploring historical places and learning some of their secrets.

Her background is a qualified Holistic Therapist, Holistic Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor and Healer; all skills and experiences which she calls upon during a reading to help you find answers to your questions and where possible give you tools to navigate your chosen path.

Skills:   Intuitive Tarot Reader





            Holistic Therapist


            Past Life Regression




            Law of Attraction

            Crystals, Minerals and Gemstones

            Colour Therapy



            Spiritual Teacher