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City: Wolseley
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Phone: 27712159357
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Address: Voortrekker Road, Wolseley, 6830
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About my Psychic Reading


Are you unsure of someone's feelings or intentions towards you? Allow Atell to help you see clearly when it matters most. Her clairsentient, clairaudient, claircognizant, and clairvoyant abilities combine beautifully with the tarot to offer insight into all areas of life.

Relationship readings are where she truly shines and her ability to zone in on the emotions, intentions, and personality types of others has helped her clients find their best way forward for over ten years. She'll not only show you the past and present, but show you future potential including time frames.

Gifts and Abilities:

Atell is clairvoyant, (clear seeing) clairsentient, (clear sensing), clairaudient (clear hearing), and claircognizant (clear knowing). She sees images or flashes of images during readings and also senses things about clients or the people in question. She’s able to sense emotion from others and also personality types and traits. This gives additional insight in situations where emotions and personality types play a major role. This is one of the reasons why love and relationship readings come naturally to her, but she’s able to offer insight on any other area of life with ease. Atell also hears sounds and she believes this to be another way Spirit relays messages or information to her. Her claircognizant ability means that she knows things without knowing how or why, and this ability often lends added insight during readings.


Atell uses the Tarot (Crowley Thoth deck) as her main tool and also uses a pendulum on occasion for simple ‘yes or no’ questions. She may also use angel healing therapy cards on occasion, but Tarot is and remains her tool of choice. These tools combine beautifully with her clair senses to provided additional insight and depth to her readings.Atell Rohlandt is a professional psychic advisor from South Africa, and has provided guidance and insight to clients the worldwide via phone, chat, and email readings. She first started reading ten years ago and has since developed her skills and abilities further to provide well rounded, accurate, and caring readings on all areas of life.

About Atell:

She always felt different somehow and found it hard to fit in during her childhood. She knew that she was different but never knew exactly how and why. Strange experiences quickly became the norm during her childhood years and some of her earliest clairvoyant experiences included seeing her Angelic guardian and spirits around her home. Her adolescence brought with it increased sensitivity and the ability to know, see, feel, hear and have precognitive dreams.

Additional Information: 


All of Atell’s abilities are natural, meaning that she was born with the abilities she possesses today. Each and every ability has been with her for her entire life and has been honed through years of experience and practice. She’s been reading for over ten years and for over five years professionally. Her reviews from clients clearly show her accuracy and compassion and it’s because of her caring but direct delivery that clients return to her time after time.

Areas of Expertise:

Love and relationship readings are where Atell truly shines and this is the one area of life that most of her clients request insight on. She’s equally comfortable reading on careers, friendships, relocations or other important life changes, but prefers to steer clear of health, fertility and life expectancy readings.

Visit her feedback and reviews section to see what other clients have had to say. This will give you a good idea of what to expect from Atell and the time you spend with her.

Connecting with Atell

Connecting with her is as simple as visiting the Services section on her website or via the Instant readings section.