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Jacquelene Close MooreAustralia

City: Melbourne
Country: Australia
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Phone: 61439488558
Address: Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000
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About my Psychic Reading

Internationally Renowned Multi Award Winning Sixth Generation Psychic and Spiritual Teacher.

Multi-modality practitioner. Reiki and Shamanic Master Healer, Artist, Psychic, Medium and more. Social Commentator, also experienced in media, presenting on radio, television, and writing freelance for a wide variety of print media. Currently presenting Soul Star Radio International, and working with Psychic Today Television Show.

Jacquelene has both a strong connection with spirit and nature since childhood and an envious past corporate career background with extensive leadership and management experience for major brands.

Jacquelene provide psychic readings, coaching, mentoring, mediumship, private consults and public speaking on personal and spiritual growth to recruitment and business. From living your dream, keeping it real, to the real definition of success, and sustainable work life balance. 

"When reaching for the stars, always remember and be grateful to the ground beneath your feet." Jacquelene Close Moore