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City: Swampscott
Country: USA
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Phone: 617-817-0721
E-mail: debliv11zavináč
Address: Swampscott, 1907
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About my Psychic Reading

Deborah Livingston has embraced her gift of connecting with the infinite energy of the spirit world, the energy of clients and serving as a vessel of communication between 2 worlds since childhood. Deborah believes we are all on a spiritual journey here on earth experiencing life lessons strengthening the wisdom of our soul, the love in our hearts and the light of our spirit. The spirit of our loved ones who have transitioned to the spirit world are within us and around us guiding our journey with love. Deborah’s training is yearly with British tutors, Libby Clark, Brenda Lawrence, Tim Abbott, Chris Drew, Helen DaVita etc. at The Arthur Findlay College in England. She has also studied with American mediums James Van Praagh, John Holland and Carole Lynne. Deborah is a member and student of The Spiritualist National Union, author of Strand of Pearls and holds a certificate in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
“There is no death, only a change of worlds”. ... by Chief Seattle

Deborah has been blessed with the gift of psychic/mediumship since childhood. She recognized the (3 C's) clairvoyance. clairaudience, clairsentience of spirit, psychic premonitions and animal communication as a young girl. Today she views this as a natural sacred communication from spirit, through spirit to spirit, a bridge between two worlds through linking with an eternal energy of love and light (spirit). Later in life Deborah experienced a profound spiritual transformation that ignited her gift that was enhanced and controlled. She embraces her abilities by using her gifts to heal and comfort those who have lost the physical beings of their loved ones through proof of eternal existence of infinite spirit with mediumship, psychic spiritual assessments and spiritual mentoring. Deborah is also the author of Strand of Pearls, a Shamanic Apprentice, TCM therapist, Spiritual circle facilitator and a TCM therapist.


Deborah believes we are all on a spiritual journey and stopping by on this school of earth with the school purpose of evolving our soul through life lessons of loving, learning and living. Deborah also believes the gift of psychic/medium is born within us. We first must get very close to our own spirit before we can get close to another. For those who wish to communicate with the spirit of a loved one or have a spiritual assessment may do so with Deborah. Her soul/sole purpose is embraced with a humble passion and compassion to serve other souls with her healing practices.

Since embracing her blessing of a gift, Deborah has dedicated her life by practicing and achieving excellence in her psychic/mediumship by providing precise essences and evidence that only the energy of spirit can give her with messages of love, guidance and healing. Deborah's ongoing spiritual practices enable her to continue to unfold. She is a proud member of the Spiritualist National Union, SNU England and the Spiritualist National Union International, SNUI. By 8.15.15 she will hold a Certificate in SNU of philosophy, public speaking, platform demonstration and private sittings. She attends the prominent Arthur Findlay College of Spiritualism and Mediumship practices in England every year to develop her link to the spirit world and the spirit of her clients.

In order to keep readings authentic and enable clients to validate the essence and evidence of loved ones and that of themselves, Deborah prefers to have no knowledge or information about her clients. Deborah sends many blessings of healing light and love to all.

Deborah is available for public or private events, private sessions, group readings and mentoring upon request.