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Change Your Life with Affirmations

Change Your Life with Affirmations…… Affirmations are a great tool to start the day with. These are declarations to yourself that can be said in silence or out loud to change thought patterns and life patterns. Often, people complain about their lives being stagnant and constantly coming to roadblocks that don’t allow them to move forward from a situation or person or thing. It is my belief... read more

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Feng Shui - Front door Colours

Feng Shui - Front Door Colours: - Front doors are very important in feng shui, because it is through the front door - also called the mouth of Chi - that the house receives its feng shui nourishment of energy. The quality of this energy determines the quality of energy in your home. In classical feng shui, the choice of most auspicious colour is based on the direction of the front door and... read more

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WHY DO WE DREAM ANYWAY? *Some of the most prevalent observations have been that we require this mysterious sleep experience in order to maintain a certain level of mental and emotional balance. *The nonsensical, fragmentary dreams usually seen during the dozing off/ non-REM stage serve as a recording or saving device for the important information / experiences received during the previous... read more

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Dream Information; HOW TO WORK WITH YOUR DREAMS; PART 1 HOW TO WORK WITH YOUR DREAMS; PART 1 As you may have observed, dreams to many, are usually considered as nothing more than non-sensical/un-reasonable images of the mind with not much value… of truth, this has already – since ancient times to now, been proven to not be truth! (except for when the dream is unpleasant, like a nightmare, or... read more

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How to Free Yourself From the Madness

How to free yourself… from the madness! by Karen Grace I sit here in meditation…I hear the birds singing… All sounds take on a special meaning when I am like this. Quiet. Open. I hear an aeroplane and instead of allowing the annoyance of its mechanical intrusion make me tense up, I encourage it to penetrate my hearing in the same way as the pleasant sound of the birds, attaching no meaning... read more

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Explore New Dimensions of Your Consciousness through Lucid Dreams by Cherokee Billie

Lucid dreams - lucid simply meaning “clear” - occur when you consciously realize you are dreaming, and find yourself capable of making deliberate choices within the dream and guiding your subconscious through the dream realm. In a typical dream, you accept the consequences of whatever happens unthinkingly. Even the most absurd situations are normalized. Lucid dreams, and their more advanced... read more