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24.5.2016 | views: 1440x | type: Other | topic: Psychology | author: Intuitive Psychic Vicky

PsychicVicky - Problems are Shadows

No problem is ever solved -- you grow out of them. This has to be very very deeply understood. Trying to solve problems is almost futile, because no problem is ever solved. Problems exist because of a particular consciousness. When the consciousness changes, they drop. For example, in the morning a small child cries and weeps because in a dream he had a beautiful toy, and now he has lost it.... read more

3.2.2015 | views: 1149x | type: Your Comments / Views | topic: Psychology | author: Nana Baakan

The Shamanic View of Mental Illness, Part 2, Ask Nana

Question:  "I remember som'e writing about this in some other work; and it makes complete sense. my only question is for example, take the case of "L" here who developed intense "post traumatic stress" from witnessing  ongoing violence at home  when she was a baby and child. so is the experience of the violence the necessary divine experience so that the ancestors could use her as a healer,... read more