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14.12.2015 | views: 1067x | type: How to read cards / Tarot spreads | topic: Events | author: Emilie Moe

Dear: New Tarot Reader / Tarot Business Venturer

Dear: New Tarot Reader / Tarot Business Venturer In this writing I am looking to speak to the tarot reading beginners out there, the true lovers of the craft with the passion and drive to emerge from your respective divining shelters as tarot hobbyists and join me in turning your prophesizing passion into a full-fledged and successful personal business.If you happen to fall into the... read more

3.9.2015 | views: 1012x | type: Report / Information | topic: Events | author: Emilie Moe

What is a Psychic Medium?

What is a Psychic Medium? We are in an age of new-age searching and answers being searched for.  Many people call psychic hotlines to get their fortune foretold.  It would be easy to believe that a psychic and a medium are one in the same, but there is a difference. Let’s focus on a medium for now and get in tune with what that definition is.  A medium is a person that has the ability to... read more

21.4.2015 | views: 1387x | type: Prediction | topic: Events | author: WorldPsychic Monte

Predictions for 2015 – Part I

  Predictions for 2015 – Part I These Predictions are for Jan 2015 – Posted Jan 1, 2015 11:00 am. CDT   In the new year, I do sense that we’ll continue to see a lot more positive changes going on in the world like the US reaching out to Cuba, Iran and North Korea in an effort to bridge peace and foster economic gain, the Ukraine fighting stopping, economic prosperity getting better here,... read more

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How to Free Yourself From the Madness

How to free yourself… from the madness! by Karen Grace I sit here in meditation…I hear the birds singing… All sounds take on a special meaning when I am like this. Quiet. Open. I hear an aeroplane and instead of allowing the annoyance of its mechanical intrusion make me tense up, I encourage it to penetrate my hearing in the same way as the pleasant sound of the birds, attaching no meaning... read more

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Spiritual Piggybacking

Piggybacking, in a spiritual sense, happens quite often during an event where there are more than one persons present such as a private or Public Spirit Gallery. Here’s what happens… I’m quite clairaudient so when I hear names such as Fred, Robert and Harold when doing a demonstration there may be more than one person who can acknowledge those names as important to them. I go on to ask for... read more