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Change Your Life with Affirmations

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Change Your Life with Affirmations……

Affirmations are a great tool to start the day with. These are declarations to yourself that can be said in silence or out loud to change thought patterns and life patterns.

Often, people complain about their lives being stagnant and constantly coming to roadblocks that don’t allow them to move forward from a situation or person or thing. It is my belief that in order to change your life, it starts within. You have to reprogram your thought process. Thoughts travel into your heart and become part of you. If not careful, you allow these thoughts to manifest into realities.

Affirmations are great ways to break old life patterns and old thoughts. You can begin them at any moment. They don’t need to be said at any particular time; they can come in handy at any moment.

No set rules apply except consistency. Be constant in your affirmations. You can get daily devotionals or create your own list of affirmations. You can look affirmations up online. Affirmations are positive reminders of how great you are and the power that lies within.

For example: “I a