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Set Yourself Free With Energy Etheric Cord Cutting

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Set Yourself Free With Energy Etheric Cord Cutting

Cord Cutting…. It’s a Must!

As we connect with people throughout our lives, the connection we have goes beyond the physical plane. There is an energetic and spiritual connection that occurs as well. This takes the form of etheric cords, or simply put “cords”.As time passes, the relationships we have build. They can build positively or negatively and in this, energetic residue/build up forms inside these invisible cords. In doing so, we always have a spiritual/psychic/energetic connection to people in our lives. This connection can last long after relationships have ended as well.

Some of the effects of having cords that connect to others are that you can feel drained, tired, irritated and/or you’re constantly thinking of certain people. You may even have fights in your mind with them if it’s someone that was a negative relationship in the past.


Etheric cords can bind you in ways that you can’t imagine. Some things you can experience when

you have cords attached are:

-Dwelling on the past (unable to move on)-Continuously thinking/obsessing over a person or situation-Constant conversations or arguments with a person mentally-Still feeling their disapproval or judgments toward you-Desiring a relationship that isn’t healthy for you-Feeling sad, depressed, unworthy, worthless, undeserving-Emotionally unstable (usually due to past toxic relationships)

Etheric cords can literally hold up your life in financial areas, relationships with friends, family and even romance. These cords are like a toilet backing up. Something is blocking the flow and you have to get Drano or Liquid Plumber to unclog the pipes.