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Soul Mates who are they really?

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Soul Mates who are they really?

We hear people talk about finding their soulmates. Often, they want that kindred spirit that will be on the same frequency in all aspects. Once in a while, we find people that match our vibes in almost every part of our lives. They share the same interests, they share the same humor, the same goals, the same passions, the same points of view. There may be a few differences but overall, they seem to fit into our anatomical puzzle energetically.

These kindred souls, come to teach us valuable lessons. They bring us joy for a time and come in various forms. Soul mates can come as lovers, family members, friends, colleagues; the possibilities are limitless.

The connection is instant and there is an amazing chemistry that takes place. It’s like an instant zap of electricity that goes through your body. There is a passionate affection that you feel toward this person.

In romantic soul mates, there is such a strong connection that you almost can confuse this person for your life partner or twin flame. In some rare occasions, this turns out to be the case.

When you encounter a soulmate, your world changes. It’s brighter and passionate. It’s intense with emotions and joy. It’s like a honeymoon phase that never ends for quite some time. They bring forth the best in you when you first encounter one another.

(Picture by Alex Gray)

Soul mates connect to your soul. The soul is what we can call the mind. It feels and holds in it what you deposit into it. So this person that come into your life, will bring out those aspects in your soul that mirror theirs.

It’s an exciting venture when you meet this person.