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Love and the Law of Attraction

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One day I was listening to the audiobook by Rhonda Byrne about "The Power" that everyone has within them to manifest what we want in our life like a magnet. There were many points I was familiar with, and some new things I learned as well. One very important tip I took away with me, I would like to share in my own way here, through a familiar story to many of us, especially for single women to ponder upon. ~~~ How many of you see or meet that beautiful, perfect man to you, start daydreaming, wishing, hoping he's available and just maybe interested in you, you even start planning how you will somehow get his attention. He may even be someone famous, so you do a search on line, or ask your friend about him, only to find out, yes, he's married, gay or other unavailable status. Then you get discouraged, disheartened, downright destroyed because you got your hopes up high again! “Oh Darn It!... “Why are all of the Good men taken always?!!!”

You start asking / complaining! When you do this, you are asking the Universe, the Creator, your Super Consciousness to show you more of the same... so you can figure out why they are always taken already! You are saying through your energy field projected - when I see the perfect type person for me it makes me miserable! You'd actually do better asking, "Wow, how soon will a man like him be coming to me?" and saying "Yes! That is awesome! I am happy for them. This is what I want too!" with positive, faithful anticipation.

Okay, listen, there are millions upon millions of men on this planet, and many are talented, good looking, spiritual, fun-loving, strong, intelligent, faithful, everything you are looking for! But we literally delay the process of finding these people when we ask the wrong questions, proclaiming negative affirmations, send out negative frequencies and vibrations when we see this happening "to us". When you see your dream man walking, talking, being who he is and unavailable, you could look at the situation from a totally different perspective to help the law of attraction work for you favorably. It's already working for you in exactly the way it should. The only problem is you broadcast the wrong type signals!

Life is actually happening "from us" because we send out the signals and are the magnet. Consider this; life is offering you an opportunity to react positively to what you see as a blessing for someone else. When you say "YES" to that beautiful couple, instead of letting jealousy take over you, you then begin tipping the scale in your favor to finding something, someone just right for you. So, consider consciously correcting those negative thoughts and feelings and adjusting them to be of a positive nature, broadcasting a signal of "Yes ~ that is what I want sent to Me! Send it On!"


May Abundance, Inner Peace, Light and Love Be With You all the Rest of Your Days.

Sister Shakeenah Kedem