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We're Not Together, Why Can't I Move On? Ask Nana

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"We're not together, why can't I move on? I keep dreaming about my ex and it is really hard to see us in the dream state getting along and having a great time together."


Some where along the way, the idea of romantic love came into being. Before then, it was not a major aspect of relationshipping and it wasn't mandatory in order to have long lasting meaningful relationships. Eros and the period of eroticism came on to the world stage particularly during the medieval period in Europe and spread around the world.  It was describe in the Greek tradition as a sort of "madness". 
Nevertheless it caught on and spread like wildfire around the globe. We are inundated with romantic songs, movies, novels and poetry. Much of this is done for profit but those who engage are not quite the willing suspects as would be believed. It is like being placed in an hypnotic trance and especially when it's the so called "Love At First Sight. Human beings seem to need to place their passions at the foot of their beloved, to idolize them and to have the fondest wishes, dreams and desires when that "love bug" hits or shall I say sting?
The metaphysical aspect of this type of engagement is missed, and quite naturally, because if it were exposed for the entrapment it truly causes, well there would be a lot of bankrupt people who use that to make buckets full of money.
In ancient and more traditional cultures, what was important was how the relationship would help their society to prosper and expand. Little value was placed on how beautiful or handsome an individual was but how strong mentally, emotionally and spiritually they were. Many relationships were guided by the idea of soul mates, that is, when that soul incarnated it was here to connect with its partner or soul companion. These relationships would produce healthy productive human beings and strong society. The idea of passion for passion's sake was inconsistent with the great goal of cohesion and prosperity in the community. Many of these type of relationships were arranged, sometimes at birth, when the elders were able to determine who was most fitted for their offspring to continue in a conjugal relationship when the time was ripe. Of course, this was not always acceptable, but it was not the norm for it to be unacceptable either, not until human society became inundated with the likes of Romeo and Juliet.
Again, the metaphysical aspect of this type of union was pushed to the background even though it was so obvious that these unions had little staying power and caused a lot of emotional, mental and psychical disturbances. Today, we see people killing each other over a love affair gone bad, which is quite unfortunate.

We create our own reality.

If we engage with someone in this passionate frame of experience, we develop an energy around us that in one sense, needs to feed off that energy. This can be seen when the energy dissipates as it will inevitably do. Eros love has little staying power and most assuredly will change into wisdom and understanding if the relationship is to last past the first 6 months. What happens during that 1st six months that makes it hard to "move on" after it's over??
Let's talk about psychic contracts or some may call them soul contracts. How often have you pledged your undying love to someone with words like.
"I will love you forever."
"No one can ever take your place"
"You will be mine till the end of time."
"If I ever lose you, I will surely die."
"You are my first, my last, my everything."
"I only have eyes for you."
"Can't live without you."





Now let's look at these simple words for starters. Beloveds, these are contracts. And these contracts are more than likely made during a fit of passion which energizes them and makes them even stronger. So, now, take each one and look at them. You have told the Universe that there is only one person in the whole world, Uy666niverse if you will, that is for you and then you seal the deal with words like "forever and ever, amen."
Now, if you purchase and automobile and they tell you that you have a life long warranty on this vehicle, you expect that warranty to last for the life time of the car at least, right? When you get this warranty there is a simple comfort that comes over you, you have been given an insurance policy that states, they will take care of any and all your worries as it relates to the car. Then, 6 months after you purchase the car, the dealer you got that warranty from has a fire and goes bankrupt and can no longer make good on their promise. What would you think about your decision to believe that you would be secure with such a warranty?
I use this simple example because it's just a car and surely you can find another mechanic to help you out. But when it's a relationship then that is a much more serious matter.. and so to contract yourself for eternity is a bit of an overreach. Yet, the society ruled by Erotic love and the need for it pushes its members to make these contracts and/or warranties and offers very little solace when things fall apart. Well, they will offer you a medical doctor for your drug abuse, a policeman for your physical abuse, a psychiatrist for the mental abuse, a minister for your spiritual abuse; but that is all after the fact of cheering you on to jump into a lake of fire that you cannot swim in.
The contracts are made, sometimes in secret as is the case with some young teenagers, others may be made among adults in secret because they believe they will not get the support of the outer community. Do you understand the power of those things that are don in secret? They carry strong psychical powers because of the effort that must be made to do them in secret and the adrenalin rush that happens in those secret moments that almost always overshadow what is done in public. Again, you are sealing a deal with the Universe, because you cannot hide anything that you say or do from your own energy being emitted into the Cosmos.

Then, there are these things called time lines. 

Many of us have no idea how that works and we think that we only live on one timeline and the rest is just a fool's errand if it is thought of at all. But we plan, and we imagine and visualize our plans, we make promises to each other and we see ourselves doing these things in our mind's eye. That is where the time lines are created. So, that reality is alive and well as the present physical reality that has your primary focus. Your dreams deal with all those timelines that you can consciously remember and many that you cannot. As you make your promise you are creating realities. You are creating timelines. Basically, all those scenarios have to play out. When they do, you will be able to move on, or at least feel freer to move on. 
Imagine it this way. You hire a DJ to play for your party. They have several hits they are prepared to play that will take them to the end of the party. These hits cover a gambit of emotions and situations, happy, sad, slow, fast, up, down, etc. Well, the party ain't over until the last hit is played. Then he can pack up and head on out to another party.
When we make promises like are mentioned above, remember they are contracts, psychic contracts, soul contracts and if you add till death do us part, you are sealing that contract with Psychic Cement. 
We have gotten so far away from our power and what we can do with it that we throw our power around like an old dodge ball. We pay little attention to the consequences of our haphazardness until it's too late. We don't often know what it is that feels so wrong when it feels so right. We suffer based on our ignorance of who we are and how powerful our thoughts, words and intentions are.

Bottom-line, that's why you can't move on. You set it up so that you couldn't move on. Now you have to wait until the last hit plays.

Of course most folks don't wait. They need to get over the ex very quickly so they jump into another relationship. Imagine this, you walk into a hotel full of rooms and each room has a party going on. The DJ has not made it to the last hit in any of those rooms.

Imagine the noise......................................................................