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Love Spells, Why Don't They Work

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All too often people ask this question. They have gone to a Psychic (so-called), paid money, sometimes thousands of dollars and still they don't work. Why?
Here are some answers for folks who think that Psychics are supposed to do spells and they are supposed to work.
First let's look at spells. We hear that spells are words. Yes they are, words, that is how we get the idea of "spelling". Words are symbols that we can write or speak, but they are also thoughts and projections, they are simply energy that can create images, ideas, reactions and even emotions. When we sit in front of a TV screen, we are "spellbound" not simply by what we hear audibly, or by what we see, but by the entire combination of what we see and hear. It causes a chemical reaction in our bodies that will put us into a hypnotic trance. We are then programmed, hence the term "television programming". 
What does this tell us, that we are being effected and changed and altered by what we see and hear, but this is also happening by what we don't see or hear. These things are under the radar as it were as we cannot tangibly see or hear them but our brain does not miss it and it is stored in the subconscious until we are triggered in some way to respond to it. The same thing happens when people read books. The book is creating a spell and causing the person to travel to another place in their imagination, or receive information that will alter their perspective on things, or even beliefs, that is propaganda. How does that work? Very well I might say, that is why discernment is key, even when reading materials, and especially so-called educational material including history books.
Cultures worldwide use the technique of storytelling. These stories were given verbally at times, written on cave walls and also written in books with materials of their time. Cultures were able to sustain themselves through these story lines, and as it is said,  history is often written in favor of the victor and the victim has to tell their own sideline story to be heard or even addressed. Sometimes they are annihilated so you get how the conquerors were victorious, but you never hear about the damage that was done to those whom they conquered until someone pushes the issue and brings it out. The Conquering party chooses to ignore the devastating impact of their actions and overlays their success with glamour and fantasy. I. E., Christopher Columbus discovered America.
I must say though, that we are all casting spells every day. How do we do that? Through our thoughts, words and even sometimes our own actions. If we wish anyone harm, that is a spell. If we speak it allowed, that is a spell, case in point. Someone hurts you and you say, "I wish they burn in hell, forever." That in essence is a spell. We are so quick to wish something on someone and yet we seldom realize that those same wishes can be perpetrated against us without our even knowing it. How many people do we hurt, inadvertently, and are not aware of their reaction to the hurt. It is human nature to want to protect oneself from danger or harm, it is also human nature to strike back against a perceived hurt. It is an automatic reflex, that we often teach our children to control, but as adults we do not show this same restraint. We feel justified in condemning someone to the pit of hell because they "murdered" a someone we love. We have the death penalty, along with other punishments that are meted out by society to curtail the masses and harm the perpetrator. We seek retribution, not compassion, understanding or a willingness to forgive. We are supported by such sayings as "Vengeance is Mine" sayith the Lord.. "Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" and various other adages that affirm our correctness in condemning another. Yet, we often forget this one thing that brings it all full circle. What goes around comes around or do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
So let's get back to what is commonly considered "Spell Casting". I will mention a few here and talk about how come they just don't work.
"Bring him/her back to me" Spells
Many times folks are so disraught over the loss of a loved one they find themselves seeking a "Spell Caster" posing as a Psychic who will bring this loved one back to them. They don't care what they have to do or pay to get this person back into their lives, they want it and they want it now.
WARNING: Most Spell Casters are charlatans. 
They know full well that those type of spells do not work or if they do they are not permanent. They know that the person who wants the spell cast does not understand the nature of free will. They also will not warn the person that the same thing could happen to them. That is, someone could ask for the spell to be cast upon them, to make them be with them, OR to make them stay away from them. Imagine that. Here the person is spelling to bring them closer and then spelling to send them away. I call them charlatans because they know full well that these types of spells do not hold up. Yet they will take the money of the naïve person and "do the work" for them. They will tell them all types of "lies" as to why it didn't work or why it worked but then fell apart. They know why it didn't work to begin with. They know why it can't work to begin with, yet they will take the desperate person's money.
Why did I say desperate?? Because, anyone who needs to cast a spell on another person to MAKE them come back to them is desperate, and they don't need a spell cast, they need counseling to see what is really going on with them on a Psychological/Mental/Spiritual level and not a spell!
The Charlatan Spell Caster knows they cannot be sued if the "work" does not work. Imagine, in a court of law the questions that will be asked if this is presented to a judge. The judge in all honesty would most logically say, "Why would you want to force someone to be with you who clearly does not want to be with you?" And secondly, "Why would you pay someone for a service that cannot be documented or proven that it did or did not work?" You did not hire a carpenter, a plumber a roofer, or any such contractor, you hired a Psychic! Where is the redress for you? Not to mention, you have to pay all the court fees to even drag them into court. Unless you get a class action suit with several victims, you stand there alone. And the Charlatan Spell Casters know this full well!! They can get away with charging you all the money that you, of your own free desperate will, paid!
This is the kind of work that puts real, honest and sincere Psychics in the same category of the illicit, unscrupulous and makes it harder for the true service to be rendered. The true service is one of helping and assisting, not taking advantage of someone's lack of knowledge of how this thing works.
In the spirit realm, we are told there is such a thing as Free Will. In fact, we have been told that we live in a Free Will Universe where all things are possible. However, there are also Universal Laws. These laws are in effect even for those who are unaware of them. If a person is going against another's free will there will be dire consequences. If a Spell is cast for someone to come back and they don't want to come back and find themselves back anyway.. Now, "Houston, we have a problem."
The person who made this happen can never, ever be secure in the outcome of this action. That is, now they have the person they Spell Cast for and now they know in their hearts that the person is there only because someone made them to be there. And I say this tongue in cheek because what really happened, and stay with me on this, is that, there was a part of that person's essence that wanted to be there.
Imagine  a bowl of jelly beans, all different colors but predominately green ones. These are the ones that DO NOT WANT TO COME BACK. But then there are a few yellow ones, and red ones and maybe a pink one or two. What this Charlatan Spell Caster does is send a "beam of energy" to that tiny part of the person that wants to be there and gives it enough energy to get the person to "change their mind about separation" and renege on their initial choice to go in another direction. The Charlatan does not tell the person that they are working with a tiny aspect of this person's essence and that it may not "take". The Charlatan does not talk to them about the COSMIC CONTRACT that was made and how that contract only complicates things nor do they tell them that they may not get them back IN THIS INCARNATION! These are only some of the various things the "Charlatan Spell Casters" leave out of the equation while they are driving their fancy new cars to the bank!!
Now, let's take a moment and put this vehicle in reverse and take a look at the other Universal Law.
"What goes around comes around."
Someone is going to the Charlatan Spell Caster to ask them to MAKE you return to them. It could be an old lover, from this life or a past life or from across the way, someone you would never even think of befriending let alone being intimate with, and there you are, with rainbow spirals going around in your eyes, and like "Olive Oyl" you are finding yourself enchanted by
this person. How would you take to the knowledge that someone worked a spell on you to make you be with them?? And finally, when you come out of it, you find yourself in a situation that you would not have wanted to be in in a thousand years. How would that feel to you? I always say, "when the shoe is on the other foot it’s a tight squeeze."
Now for that other Universal Law.
"Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You"
You got them back, their little pink jelly bean has charmed them into returning. But you start going through the same toxic, chaotic, disruptive interactions that drove you apart. But this time, the pink jelly bean is strong enough to keep them with you and you are the one who wants out. What do you do now?? Go back to the Charlatan Spell Caster and get them to "break the spell"??  And when you walk in the door, you find the person and their little pink jelly bean sitting there trying to get the Charlatan Spell Caster to make you stay!!
What a vicious cycle you have created. And please, let's just say that is what it is and not some other lovelorn forgotten lover who wants to break you up from your current partner.
Yikes, can this get anymore complicated and destructive to all parties concerned??
My point is, Spell Casting is a very dangerous and onerous path to take for any and all parties concerned. If the Spell Caster does not come through or the Spell doesn't work, they take the risk of having their reputations ruined. It could even go so far as to having them physically or psychically harmed by some jilted desperate person who only wanted their loved one back.
     1.  Break them up.
     2.  Make him/her stay.
     3.  Make me rich.
     4.  Bring them to me.
     5.  Make him/her love me.
We are all here, traveling this path to greater awareness and a consciousness awakening, at least we would like to hope so. What we find is that we tend to say things in the heat of passion that we may regret later. Those things said in a heat of passion are often more energized than what we say calmly. Saying things in the heat of passion is like putting high test fuel in the tank instead of economy.
We also forget that we are on a Karmic Treadmill. What I mean by that is, whether or not we believe in re-incarnation, we come back to the same situations over and over again, in our present existence or in the next life for those who believe in re-incarnation. Whatever the case may be, we keep on doing it over and over and over again. The question is Why???
Well, to keep this blog short, let me just talk about Cosmic Contracts and veer away from the Psychological implications. I will save that for another blog.
So, here we are, doing it again. We meet this person, they feel so familiar to us, like we knew them before and some would say, "In a Past Life." We "fall in love" (a misnomer that I have come to question, why are we falling???") and find ourselves yoked to someone, however equally or unequally. We exchange all types of bonding energetic rituals, particularly the exchange of bodily fluids, and especially in sexual congress. We are overjoyed, we have found "The One" we are elated, we are mesmerized, intoxicated and all the other spiraling eyeball adjectives. Then one day we wake up! And for some, never wake up. But for those who do… we wake up and wonder, why can’t I go on?
Think about it.. Did you say any of these things?
"I will love you forever."
"You are my one and only."
"No one can make me feel the way you do."
"Our love will last for eternity."
"You make my world go round."
"I adore you."
"You are my heart, my mind and my soul's Inspiration."
"Without you what good am I?"

I am sure you can add your own.
Why do we do this?
We simply do not realize that we are creating Cosmic Contracts. These contracts will last for as long as you say they will. So, how long is forever??
The time comes, when you want to leave. Where are you going to go? Do you expect the Universe, God, the Angels, the Deities or whomever you invoked while making the contract to ignore you and release you from the contract because you don't want to be committed like that anymore?
Well, I am sure that when you wished, prayed, cried for those other things in your life you wanted to be heard, and you wanted it to be taken care of by whatever Higher Power you called upon. Right??
I often say, Metaphysics is a science. Working in the unseen world is just as scientific as working in the "physical" world. Whatever the case may be, there are Cosmic/Universal Laws. If you make a physical contract with someone, there is an expectation that you will adhere to it. There is an exchange, you do this for that. In the Metaphysical world, if you make a contract.. Then the same thing happens, you do this for that. You prayed for this.. And you got that. You promised, "forever" and you got that "forever."
We take our vows too lightly sometimes in our interactions with others. We take our commitments too lightly as well. And often we say one thing and mean another. We send out mixed messages to the Universe, God, Deities or whomever we send these messages out to and wonder why what we received looks so foreign to what we "thought" we were asking for.
Let's move forward with the knowledge that we are not just a spec of sand on the beach, lying there powerless, let's wake up to the knowledge that we are very powerful and that our words have power, our intentions have power and our actions have power. Let us remember that we effect everything around us and that our behavior can impact on us for the rest of our lives (into eternity.)
Let us be more mindful of who we "curse", spell cast or send out negative energies and remember there is a ricochet effect going on in our Universe, that it will return in all of its glory.
Before you make a Cosmic Contract with someone, take a moment and reflect…..  How long is forever, exactly????????
And finally, please avoid Charlatan Spell Casters. 
If you want something that you lost, accept the loss first, find out why you lost it, search within, and let go. If it was meant to be, it will return of its own accord.


Find your peace in acceptance and do whatever you need to do to move yourself to a healthy state of mind, body and spirit.
Take care of yourself.